I am a postdoctoral researcher studying complexity and collective dynamics in information and communication systems. The type of systems I typically deal with include all kinds of distributed technical systems like computer networks, Peer-to-Peer systems, information systems, but also socio-technical systems found in collaborative software engineering processes and online social networks.

I have a background in practical computer science and mathematics and my approach can best be described as interdisciplinary, combining perspectives from computer science, mathematics, network science and the physics of self-organizing systems. My work experience covers research in distributed systems and computer networks, P2P systems, distributed virtual reality, network theory and collaborative software engineering. From my involvement in the design and implementation of the Peer-to-Peer Event Monitoring System of the ATLAS detector at CERN, I also have practical experience in software engineering, as well as in the design of very large-scale distributed systems.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Systems Design, headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Schweitzer at ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

On this private webpage, you will primarily find information about my academic activities. Being a passionate amateur photographer and astrophotographer, you will also find some of my photographic works in my gallery.